September 23, 2021
Virginia Economic Development Association (VEDA)

Virginia Case Study: 1901 Group spotlighted in talent approach, relationship with VTCRC, and our collaboration with partners to grow the economy

Virginia Case Study: 1901 Group spotlighted in talent approach, relationship with VTCRC, and our collaboration with partners to grow the economy.   The Virginia Economic Development Association (VEDA) fall conference spotlighted 1901 Group, in a case study panel discussion highlighting 1901 Group’s successes and experience finding talent in NOVA and the expansion in Montgomery County.

On September 22, 2021, The Virginia Economic Development Association (VEDA) held its fall conference recognizing 1901 Group for its successes in helping drive Virginia’s economic recovery.

The panelists discussed 1901 Group’s success in utilizing the diverse geography of Virginia for continuity of operations and proximity to the Nation’s capital with strong tech talent in both Fairfax and Blacksburg with an in-depth review and conversation around the “Virginia Case Study: 1901 Group”.

Representatives on the panel discussion included: Meghan Welch, Director, Technologies and Corporate Services, Virginia Economic Development Partnership; Erin Burcham, Executive Director, Roanoke Blacksburg Tech Council; David Kelly, Director, National Business Investment, Fairfax County Economic Development Authority; and Brendan Walsh, Senior Vice President, 1901 Group, a Leidos Company.

“I appreciate all the hard work and the efforts of the economic developers. Virginia needs a government that works with you to attract businesses and grow the companies that are here.”  – Glenn Youngkin, Candidate for Virginia Governor in his message to the 2021 Fall VEDA Conference.

Key Takeaways from the event

  1. The Virginia economic development community recognizes the hybrid nature of the new work normal, and how 1901 Group, a Leidos company, model of locating enterprise Information Technology (IT) operations centers in rural locations with access to human capital talent, high quality of life, and lower costs of living helps our employees, our customers, and our communities.
  2. The talent deficit is a global challenge that can be mitigated with the combination of “growing the next generation of workers” through traditional education and training and through focused curricula designed for reskilling workers, including from our veteran community.
  3. The 1901 Group case study highlighted the importance of building relationships over time with state and local Virginia economic development partners, higher education institutions, not for profits, and the business community.

1901 Group, a Leidos company, is proud to be part of growing the economy as we continue to make a difference.



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Sonu Singh

Sonu is the founder of 1901 Group and corporate leader responsible for our strategic vision, innovative business model, and financial performance.

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George Batsakis
EVP and Chief Strategy Officer

George leads the company’s overall corporate development and strategy planning process and provides expertise in executive management, operations, new business development, emerging technology and technology partnership.

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Paul Wilkinson
EVP, Business Development

Paul leads Business Development, Capture Management, Marketing, and Channel Partners. Paul provides leadership for 1901 Group’s growth initiatives by supporting the development of new markets and services.

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James Christopher
EVP, Operations and Engineering

James brings over 25 years of industry experience to 1901 with a focus on delivering Information Technology business solutions and managed services.

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Dana Pittman
SVP, Talent Strategy & Human Resources

Dana is the leader of our Human Capital Management function for providing organizational growth, performance, and profitability.

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Brendan Walsh
SVP, Partner Relations

Brendan leads our partner relations and management efforts and supports business development activities in addition to establishing strategic business alliances with leading cloud service providers and security solutions.

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Brian Lubin
SVP, Service Management

Brian leads the development and management of our service offerings and brings great value in aligning our growth and delivery activities while ensuring profitability.

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