Life @ 1901 Group

We Believe in Continuous Improvement – Within Ourselves, Our Communities, and Our Company

The 1901 Group Career Model

At 1901 Group we empower our employees with exponential career development and growth opportunities by utilizing quarterly performance check-in’s along with our annual review process to ensure the employee is engaged and achieving their goals. We put our employees in the driver’s seat of their evaluation process – and their development. Learning and development is offered through a variety of platforms, designed to satisfy different learners at different stages within their careers.

This “1901 Group Career Model” methodology, along with a focus on offering real business career opportunities that balance high levels of productivity with a high quality of life, are what set us apart from other employers.

We’re seeking highly motivated individuals in many fields to join our quickly expanding and passionate team!

Commitment to Ethics

1901 Group is based on the single core value of Continuous Improvement – within us, our communities, and our company – coupled with the guiding principle of acting with integrity in every aspect of our professional and personal lives.

Doing business ethically and with integrity is at the core of everything we do. The number one responsibility assigned to our employees in our Code is to “act ethically and with integrity in all business dealings, with customers, vendors, partners, the community, and each other.”

1901 Group encourages open communication, provides avenues for internal reporting, and has a strong non-retaliation policy.

Our participation in National Corporate Compliance and Ethics Week is a natural outflowing of our commitment to a strong compliance and ethics program.


At onboarding, we look for our employees to bring their experience, innovation, collaborative nature, accountability, and customer-focused nature to the team.  We aren’t looking for the Cultural “Fit”, rather the Cultural “Add” every new employee brings.

Employee-Driven Performance Management & Learning
We support a philosophy and approach where “Everyone Learns”.  Whether it be via online training or domain specific classroom & instructor lead training – we anticipate our employees will constantly seek out new ways to improve themselves – personally and professionally.

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