Monitoring and Managing IT Infrastructure 24x7


1901 Group’s FedRAMP authorized In³Sight SaaS solution provides monitoring, management, and optimization of environments that span government-owned data centers, commercial data centers, and CSPs.

In³Sight incorporates 1901 Group’s data analytics capability where we have automated cloud provisioning and optimization through elasticity engineering which is used to optimize compute and storage costs across CSP environments.

In³Sight provides customer-facing SLA dashboards and KPIs for all 1901 Group provided managed services, and leverages a predictive data analytics platform that identifies performance issues at all level of the IT Infrastructure, and automates the creation of a ticket for root cause analysis and resolution before an unplanned IT Incident occurs.

In³sight is tightly integrated with ServiceNow ITSM with application programming interface integrations with leading commercial and open source tools for network management, security, vulnerability management, cloud management, data visualization, and reporting.


Discover how our managed service platform, In³Sight, automates the monitoring, management, and optimization of services by using big data and analytics.