October 28, 2021
Article Published by John Moore, Senior Feature Writer at Tech Target SearchITChannel

State and Local Government Technology Revs Digital Services; 2022 Government Trends to Watch

State and Local Government Technology Revs Digital Services; 2022 Government Trends to Watch What are the main challenges government agencies currently face and how will cloud adoption help them deal with those challenges? Can agencies tap public sector-specific cloud offerings, or do they need help adapting generalized cloud offerings to meet their particular needs?

John Moore, senior feature writer at Tech Target – SearchITChannel, shares his findings on citizen services and specific technologies the pandemic sped up for cloud adoption and the government trends to watch for 2022. Brendan Walsh, SVP of Partner Relations 1901 Group, a wholly owned subsidiary of Leidos, and Lakshmi Ashok, VP and Enterprise Service Management lead at Leidos, share their expertise and insights in the interview with TechTarget.

The technology may play a lasting role in states’ deployment strategies. State and local agencies, meanwhile, also pursue cloud computing, finding it helps with incremental rollouts, versus grand plans, and the rapid deployment of citizen-facing applications.

Digital services created an expectation among citizens and additional demand while fending off the increasing levels of cybercrime, bumping technology up the list of urgent agenda items. Against that backdrop, the state CIO survey rated low-code/no-code technology as the most “impactful” emerging IT area in the next three to five years.

“State and local governments, as well as the federal sector, increasingly adopt low-code/no-code technology. The platforms give agencies’ nonprofessional developers the ability to build applications,“ said Lakshmi Ashok, VP and Enterprise Service Management Lead at Leidos.

Brendan Walsh, SVP of Partner programs at 1901 Group, Leidos added that the company partners with SaaS vendor ServiceNow and IaaS provider AWS in the government market. SaaS experienced a large increase in state and local adoption over the last year.

“While federal agencies pursue broader IT modernization initiatives, state and local governments more tightly focus on individual citizen service projects. They are looking at providing connected citizen services, and the trend is mainly to go SaaS,” Ashok noted.

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