May 26, 2022
Op-ed published by NextGov

Opinion Editorial: Unintentional or Evolutionary How Digital Platforms Impact Future Jobs

Lakshmi Ashok and Brendan Walsh address the never-ending need for technology talent as part of the economy’s priority with a focus on workforce development and constant learning.

Two technology catalysts have changed the workforce needs of both government and the private sector – known as Resilient IT and HyperAutomation. Co-authors Lakshmi Ashok and Brendan Walsh discuss how these two technology catalysts have simultaneously created the need for new skill sets, fueled the global talent deficit for technology-related workers, and are now addressing the skilling and reskilling of our global workforce featured in NextGov.

The rapid pace of change over the last few years demands that we find creative, new ways to use technology to enable fast-paced technology modernization, while also creating value and opportunity for workers to succeed in a traditional office, remote, and hybrid environments.

Lakshmi and Brendan dive into the job catalysts and provide an overview of the benefits and partner programs that help prepare unemployed and underemployed individuals for Resilient IT and HyperAutomation careers. However, they point out that as a society, we must prioritize closing the talent deficit that is challenging our economy. This starts with recognizing that academic learning alone is not enough to attract and incentivize digital skilling and reskilling initiatives. And, for federal, state, and local governments to fund these initiatives. Understanding that the barriers to entry into the digital workforce are lowered or eliminated by Resilient IT and HyperAutomation and by taking advantage of these cutting-edge technologies will position workers for fulfilling, long-lasting careers.

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Lakshmi Ashok is the VP of Enterprise Service Management at Leidos
Brendan Walsh is the SVP of Partner Programs at 1901 Group, a Leidos company


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