IT Simplified

Increase Performance. Lower Cost. Improve Situational Awareness.

1901 Group transforms Information Technology into a set of standardized repeatable processes, algorithms, and tools, allowing our customers to purchase continually refined services at consistently reduced prices.

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Who We Are

1901 Group LLC is a trusted provider of IT managed services for both the public and private sector.   Our comprehensive portfolio of Infrastructure, application and security services simplify the challenges and complexities facing today’s IT organizations who demand increased IT performance and reliability, real time situational awareness and lower security risk from emerging threats and vulnerabilities.  Our 24×7 FISMA Moderate certified operations center proactively monitors your IT services, analyzes key performance metrics to eliminate incidents and allows your IT organization to focus its resources on strategic business initiatives.

The Challenge:

The speed of change and complexity of modern It technologies challenge the most experienced and qualified It organizations.  Disruptive technologies such as virtualization, mobility and unified communications require specific domain knowledge and expertise to manage. Expertise that has proven to be difficult to find or build and often challenging to retain.

Furthermore, costs for IT operations and maintenance continue to rise at a rate that exceeds growth of IT budgets. If current trends continue, simply maintaining existing services will consume 80% of IT spending by 2015.

The Solution – The Assembly Line for the IT Industry:

In 1901, Ransom E. Olds activated an experimental production line in his automobile factory. Production increased from 425 to 2,500 cars within a single year. The underlying technology that enabled this massive improvement was the assembly line.

1901 Group has developed the analogous technology to the assembly line for the IT industry. By developing an integrated technology platform, creating well defined and repeatable processes, refining these processes and managing IT as a service and not the individual technologies that support the service, 1901 Group delivers continuous improvement for IT performance and availability.


Fundamentally changing in the way IT services are delivered

As enterprises look to deploy additional services or deploy Private, Public, and Hybrid Cloud infrastructures, they are rapidly finding out that service delivery requires a completely new approach to traditional models employed by IT operations. While availability monitoring and management is foundational, keeping the lights on is no longer considered a successful benchmark. In order to align with the business and reduce the operational cost of IT, the focus has to be on eliminating incidents.

At a macro level, 1901 Group’s IT Service Management solution offers a proven model to (1) reduce the number of incidents that impact business critical processes, (2) improve situational awareness concerning the performance, integrity and availability of those services and (3) decrease the cost of IT operations and maintenance so that IT spend can be allocated to strategic initiatives that better support the business.

We achieve this through the following foundations:

Real-Time Service Model – Automatically build and maintain service dependency mappings with real-time discovery and topology modeling

Key Performance Metrics – Metrics and KPIs are the building blocks of any IT Service Management model; as they are the most effective means of alerting IT staff as to where their service is in relationship to its objectives. While availability metrics are primarily binary (up/down), performance, capacity, configuration, security and environmental metrics enable 1901 Group engineers to identify emerging trends, anomalies and/or behaviors that define a signature used for proactive problem management and predictive analytics. Once defined, each metric must be analyzed within the specific customer environment to understand acceptable values and thresholds for each metric.  Continuous monitoring of each metric against acceptable values is the basis for defining Key Performance Indicators.

Data Analytics and Root Cause Analysis – Reduce event ”storms” and quickly identify the root cause of performance and availability issues with 1901 Group’s rich data analytics solution.  Engineers continuously monitor trends, behaviors and anomalies as part of our proactive problem management services.

Dynamic Service Impact Analysis – Maintain operational awareness of service health with next generation service impact analysis that leverages 1901 Group’s patent-pending “In3Sight” technology along with a real-time service model

Automated Service Assurance & Remediation – Automatically respond to conditions in your environment to ensure service levels are maintained in real time.  1901 Group’s run book automation performs efficient and effective execution of troubleshooting techniques and controls to isolate the root cause and initiate the remediation and request for change process.  The In3Sight knowledgebase maintains a comprehensive database of proven problem signatures and remediation procedures.


The 1901 Group operating model increases IT performance by proactively reducing IT incidents, at a cost savings of 30 – 50%. We manage the infrastructure of over 50 clients including commercial; federal; state and local; K-12 and higher education, with over 100,000 devices under our management.