July 14, 2021
Article Published by John Moore, Senior Feature Writer at TechTarget — SearchITChannel

Era of Rapid Change Globally:

Microsoft Inspire 2021 – Human Capital and Talent Management, Cloud Essential for Sustainability

Era of Rapid Change GloballyAt its annual partner conference, Microsoft brought out a bevy of technology developments, including a wider scope for Teams integration, a cloud PC, and an investment in specialized clouds.

COVID-19 has been the catalyst for “an era of rapid change” globally. Putting attention on the decisive shift to digital adoption, cloud essential to sustainability, and cloud as the enabler of hybrid work and customer experience.

John Moore, Senior Feature Writer at TechTarget – SearchITChannel, speaks with 1901 Group, a Leidos company, on Microsoft’s virtual event highlighting new visions for its technologies, aimed at aligning with a world where digital adoption has skyrocketed.

The virtual event featured an undercurrent of a different type of sustainability, one that focuses on human capital and talent management, noted Brendan Walsh, SVP of partner relations at 1901 Group, an MSP and wholly owned subsidiary of Leidos.

 “I like the sustainability thread, highlighting the importance of workforce development, skilling, and reskilling” – Brendan Walsh, SVP, 1901 Group, a Leidos company

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1901 Group has been a leader in the rural skill building for employment in cloud technology and is committed to working with industry and government to address the global skill gap affects. More in the AWS Institute report .


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