November 05, 2020
Interview by Virginia Technology Today/WFIR, Hosts Eddie Amos and Kim Blair

Virginia Technology Today Podcast Part 2: CEO Sonu Singh

Virginia Technology Today Podcast Part 2: CEO Sonu SinghEvery week Virginia Technology Today highlights area leaders to talk about technology trends in the Southwest Virginia area. Virginia Technology Today Hosts, Eddie Amos and Kim Blair, featured Sonu Singh, CEO and Founder of 1901 Group as this week’s focus is on technology, innovation, entrepreneurship, and recruiting a talented workforce in Southwest Virginia.

Sonu Singh shares how Amazon Web Service’s HQ2 will help 1901 Group grow, the most valuable lesson since starting 1901 Group, advice for organizations in the Southwest Virginia region, and how mid-career workers can start their journey in IT.

Visit WFIR to Listen to the podcast here.

“The biggest thing is emphasizing on the people of the company. It sounds like a total cliché; everyone says you put the people first. The reality is that when you start a company with a different business model where the government isn’t accustomed to buying services this way, you need to support your people and make them more resilient. I would like to say we’re like a salmon swimming upriver. It was only recently people said 1901 Group’s business model, managed services, rural areas, leveraging tech, opening the aperture of talent, is the way of the future.”

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