May 23, 2021
Interview Published by John Moore, Senior Feature Writer at Tech Target – SearchITChannel

The Future of IoT – Integration of Cloud and Edge Computing and Achieving Scale

3 Not So Obvious Reasons Feds Are Consuming More Enterprise IT-as-a-ServiceIn today’s IoT (internet of things) market, customers need to think more critically about their business needs and how IoT fits into their overall strategy. Cloud computing ranks among the top technologies now associated with IoT.

John Moore, Senior Feature Writer at Tech Target – SearchITChannel, shares his findings in how the cloud shift has fueled edge computing and the significant level of sophistication and integration of technologies.  The IoT integration potential of cloud and edge computing also changes the discussion between customers and service providers as it becomes a more strategic conversation.  Brendan Walsh, SVP of Partner Relations 1901 Group, a wholly owned subsidiary of Leidos, shares his insights how the development of IoT also creates an opportunity for MSPs.

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“MSPs seem a logical fit for running IoT projects. They already monitor and manage a range of IT devices. Why not add sensors and connected devices to the mix? Why not indeed. 1901 Group was built for IT-centric monitoring and management, but with a mindset for expansion into the OT-centric (operational technology) mission space.” – Brendan Walsh, SVP of partner relations at 1901 Group, a wholly owned subsidiary of Leidos.

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