June 27, 2021
Article Published by John Moore, Senior Feature Writer at Tech Target – SearchITChannel

Selling Professional Services on Cloud Marketplaces

Cloud sales platforms offer a way to find new customers, launch proofs of concept, and seed bigger deals

Selling Professional Services on Cloud MarketplacesWhile selling services on public cloud platforms is a relatively recent development, IT services firms already see potential to expand their sales reach and boost revenue.

Cloud marketplaces have emerged as a conduit for selling professional services, giving service providers new ways to package offerings that customers can purchase conveniently. John Moore, Senior Feature Writer at Tech Target – SearchITChannel, speaks with industry experts how this is becoming a more important component to organizations.

Brendan Walsh of 1901 Group, a wholly owned subsidiary of Leidos, points out how marketplaces currently feature services such as training classes and assessments — offerings that are more easily bound with regard to labor, time, and cost.

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“The marketplaces are going to continue to rapidly grow and see more fixed priced, well-bounded services,” – Brendan Walsh, SVP, 1901 Group, a Leidos company

“Marketplaces have become more popular in the last few years 17% of the projected $13 trillion in B2B spend will take place in marketplaces by 2023” – Aruna Mathuranayagam, VP & Operating Unit CTO, Leidos

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