November 09, 2020
Interview Published by TechTarget — SearchITChannel, John Moore, Senior Site Editor

Predicting 7 MSP trends in technology for 2021

MSPs, cloud consultancies and other channel partners can expect to find business in familiar technology sectors as well as in emerging fields in the coming year.

Predicting 7 MSP trends in technology for 2021The consulting and MSP trends expected to shape 2021 demonstrate how interwoven maturing technologies and emerging developments have become. Service provider companies can anticipate a continuation of important 2020 patterns, such as the ongoing evolution of cloud computing.

Cloud, however, will set the stage for other developments, including AI and machine learning. Cybersecurity will play a central in the normalization of remote work. And robotic process automation (RPA), initially viewed as a distinct technology, will become increasingly embedded in core business applications.

John Moore, Senior Site Editor at Tech Target – SearchITChannel, shares his findings on the seven pivotal tech trends based on IT executive interviews and recent industry conferences. John interviews Paul Wilkinson, EVP of Business Development at 1901 Group to share how leveraging cloud will help agencies branch out to AI and machine learning and why implementing pervasive RPA is integral to internal and customer facing roles.

Other companies mentioned were Aptum, Deloitte, Lunavi, MNJ Technologies, Accenture, Gartner, Xbase Technologies Corp, and Forrester.

Read the full interview here.

” At 1901 Group, RPA plays internal and customer-facing roles. We are leveraging RPA ourselves to automate the way in which we deliver managed services for our customers. RPA lets the company extract data from cloud platforms for reporting on resource provisioning and utilization, for instance.”
 – Paul Wilkinson,  EVP of Business Development at 1901 Group

In the federal market, the defense sector’s mandate is to get to the cloud as quickly as possible, but the cloud won’t be the final destination. Cloud is the way in which [agencies] are going to move into a better environment that will enable them to do things like machine learning and AI. Our customers know this is the catalyst for transformation. Agencies will likely tap cloud-native services, such as AWS’ SageMaker, to start using AI and machine learning.”
 – Paul Wilkinson,  EVP of Business Development at 1901 Group

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