August 18, 2021
Op-ed by Brendan Walsh, SVP 1901 Group a Leidos Company; Published by Washington Technology

Op-Ed: How to Move Tech from Disruptive to Sustainable

Era of Rapid Change GloballyDisruptive technologies and delivery models have evolved into catalysts for sustainability. Society now has an opportunity to synchronize public policies with private initiatives to generate long-term benefits for our urban and rural communities across America.

As agencies Coming out of the COVID-19 pandemic there is heightened interest in identifying positive “silver linings” and lessons learned.

In business theory, disruptive innovation is a type of improvement that creates a new market or value through efficiencies or capabilities. These disruptive technologies and/or services shakeup existing markets, displacing, and replacing established market-leaders, top brands, successful products, and proven alliances.

The positive aspects of this change come from two sources: 1) disruptive technologies and delivery models – including cloud and enterprise IT-as-a-Service (EITaaS) and 2) synchronization of public policies with existing private initiatives to generate long-term benefits for our citizens and communities.

As agencies plans to strengthen employee soft skills to improve resiliency, disruptive technologies, disruptive service models, and digital transformation are rapidly changing the playing field that will generate long-term benefits.

Brendan Walsh, SVP 1901 Group, a Leidos company, opinion editorial addresses the White House’s Immediate Priorities that includes investing in the jobs of the future to encourage skilling and reskilling and how Cloud Service Providers such as AWS has committed millions of dollars for global reskilling programs.

Opinion editorial is published by Washington Technology and also spotlighted on National Cyber Security News


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