May 13, 2021

Navy Forum – The Next Digital Domain – Driving UX, Data, and Platform Success

Navy Forum – The Next Digital Domain – Driving UX Data, and Platform Success James Geurts, acting undersecretary of Navy and 2020 Wash100 Award recipient, delivered an opening keynote address during the Potomac Officers Clubs’ 2021 Navy Forum on May 12th. Geurts discussed the Navy’s most pressing issues related to digital transformation and technology acquisition processes.

Panelist George Batsakis, Chief Strategy Officer at 1901 Group, discussed how the Navy needs to have an integrated cloud IT system that is secure and scalable. Batsakis also touched upon the importance of scaling the Navy workforce, an issue that he envisions as the most fundamental and pressing gap in creating the success desired in next-generation digital domain systems.

Other panelist discussion included how the Navy’s goals need to be placed in the context of adversarial technological advances and the need to invest in upscaling and rescaling its 500,000 workforces while delivering rapid adoption of high-impact agility enhancing models ready for wide service implementation.

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