March 15, 2021

Interview Published by WashingtonExec – Amanda Ziadeh, Editor at WashingtonExec

Leidos’ Gerry Fasano on 1901 Group Acquisition, NGEN Contract Win and Marketplace Outlook

Gerry Fasano, president of Leidos Defense Group spoke with Amanda Ziadeh, editor at WashingtonExec following Leidos’ completion of the 1901 Group acquisition in January. Fasano shares what this transaction means for Leidos going forward and the capabilities it will add to its portfolio.

Additionally, Leidos was recently granted approval to move forward with the Next Generation Enterprise Network – Recompete Service Management, Integration and Transport, or NGEN, contract, a $7.7 billion Navy IT deal.

Fasano discusses what this opportunity means for Leidos and its work with the Navy, and how these recent events change the way the Leidos is positioned in the marketplace in 2021.

Watch the full interview here

“1901 Group was a strategic acquisition for us and strengthens our capabilities in cloud, IT managed services, and cyber security. 1901 Group watched the changes in cloud and commercial service delivery and realized there had to be a better way for the federal clients and so they started their own company based upon a managed service delivery approach leveraging cloud.” – Gerry Fasano, President of Leidos Defense Group

“Our customer requirements continue to evolve and to really compete in this environment, companies need to deliver both tradition on prem as well as emerging managed service and we see this evolution continuing. 1901 Group provides us that ready now solution to our customer’s needs.” – Gerry Fasano, President of Leidos Defense Group

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