April 12, 2022
Article Published by John Moore, Senior Feature Writer at Tech Target – SearchITChannel

Industry Cloud Collaboration: Cloud for Industry Sectors Calls for Co-Innovation

The verticalization of cloud computing will hinge on alliances in which service providers, hyperscalers, and customers collaborate on industry-specific platforms.

Market research firms such as Gartner and Forrester point to co-innovation as a key partnering trend for handling complex IT problems. Partners deploying the cloud for industry sectors aim to make it a team activity. The technology’s traditional one-size-fits-all-industries proposition has changed course amid digital transformation. More businesses view cloud computing as a way to reinvent themselves, rather than strictly a source of cost or efficiency improvements.

John Moore, senior feature writer at Tech Target – SearchITChannel, speaks with Paul Wilkinson, EVP for 1901 Group, a Leidos company, along with several other industry experts on the partnership of CSPs and co-innovation.

Wilkinson notes that for certain industries, financial services, manufacturing, and health care are notable sectors. There is also strong demand for industry-specific clouds in regulated markets such as the US federal government. The Federal Risk and Approval Management Program (FedRAMP) sets the standard for cloud adoption in the federal sector. Cloud service providers, from hyperscalers to small IT service providers, need to implement FedRAMP security controls to do business with their agencies.

The U.S .intelligence community also has an industry cloud – the Commercial Cloud Enterprise (C2E) to address classified data and systems. C2E is like JWCC in that it is a multi-vendor, cloud contract.”   Paul Wilkinson, EVP at 1901 Group

Large-scale procurement of industry cloud is underway. The healthcare industry cloud may take advantage of some converging trends. Innovative technologies such as wearables. Medical data exchange criteria; new data types including genomic and behavioral diversity. That data can be continuously streamed to the algorithm to facilitate more useful and timely insights. These insights may then inform the patient’s discharge plan and may need to provide digital treatment via smartphones and other consumer devices.

Such initiatives will take time to solidify as the first co-innovation phase of the industry cloud unfolds. The bar is constantly changing at the rate of innovation.

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