May 18, 2021
Interview Published by G2Xchange, Heather Seftel-Kirk, Writer at G2Xchange

G2X Industry Exchange with 1901 Group

3 Not So Obvious Reasons Feds Are Consuming More Enterprise IT-as-a-Service

3 Not So Obvious Reasons Feds Are Consuming More Enterprise IT-as-a-ServiceWhen someone thinks about the benefits of Enterprise IT-as-a-Service (EITaaS), the first things that come to mind are: agility, scalability, and a subscription fee model. Especially through the COVID-19 pandemic in 2020, the world saw first-hand how quick it was to adopt digital video conferencing and collaboration services like Microsoft Teams, Cisco’s Webex, and others with an average of over 400 million daily users of video conferencing and collaboration services being reported during 2020. These examples of EITaaS proved nationwide and global access to communication applications and workflow platforms were effective to learn, work, and socialize, with consumers only paying for what they used.

Brendan Walsh, SVP Partner Relations of 1901 Group explores with G2xchange the three (3) not so obvious reasons U.S. government agencies are shifting to and consuming more EITaaS including agency programs in healthcare, homeland security, defense, and intelligence that include 1. mission focus, 2. cyber security defense, and 3.user experience.

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“But once we make the full shift to EITaaS, it will be much less burdensome to the Air Force than it is today,” said USAF Major General Michael Schmidt, program executive officer for command, control, communications, intelligence, and networks.

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