March 31, 2021
Interview Published by TechTarget — SearchITChannel, John Moore

Entering the Third Wave – Cloud Consultants Take on Larger Scope of Services in Scale, Scope, and Service Delivery approaches

Cloud consultancies have grown from boutiques to firms with global ambitions. The latest iteration of these consultancies will push the business in new directions.

Federal technology upgrade could see cyber, SaaS outlayThird-wave cloud consultants are poised to help enterprises short on cloud expertise fill the immediate skills gap and, looking to the future, deploy emerging technologies on the cloud foundation.

John Moore, Senior Feature Writer at Tech Target – SearchITChannel, shares his findings on the evolutionary path of cloud consultants – entering the third wave, now underway, also emphasizes geographic reach. In addition, cloud consultants must offer a wider scope of services and expertise than ever before to match the growing complexity of customer deployments. Brendan Walsh, SVP of Partner Relations 1901 Group, a wholly owned subsidiary of Leidos, and Sandra Lopez, Operations CTO of the Enterprise and Cyber Solutions Division at Leidos share their insights.

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​“Cloud consultants have to broaden the aperture,” noted Sandra Lopez, Operations CTO of the Enterprise and Cyber Solutions Division at Leidos, an IT and engineering services company based in Reston. “It’s not a shiny object anymore.”

“What will differentiate one cloud consultant from another will be balancing IT services efficiency using technology platforms and automation with customer experience through vertical expertise, client knowledge, client attention, and high customer service,” noted Brendan Walsh, SV of Partner Relations 1901 Group, wholly owned subsidiary of Leidos.

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