February 09, 2021
Interview Published by TechTarget — SearchITChannel, John Moore, Senior Site Editor

Cloud Storage Reseller or Consumer? Partners Face Market Shift

A market rife with storage options provides a varied and sometimes ambiguous environment for IT services firms, which take varying paths in a changing infrastructure sector.

Cloud Storage Reseller or Consumer? Partners Face Market Shift Cloud storage has grown into an appealing option on the IT infrastructure menu, but some IT service providers report a decisive shift among their customers – reshaping the aspects of data center infrastructure and the partners role.

John Moore, Senior Site Editor at Tech Target – SearchITChannel, shares his findings on how storage and cloud offerings are affecting this market change. John interviews Brendan Walsh, SVP of 1901 Group, a wholly owned subsidiary of Leidos, to share how both cloud storage and on-premise storage is both needed for digital transformation and the MSPs role in helping customers navigate hybrid architectures and environments.

Other companies mentioned were Perficient, HeleCloud, Evotek, and Omdia.

Read the full interview here.

“When you start looking at the macro picture of cloud migration and digital transformation, there is going to be a component that stays on premises. Data security concerns and the prohibitive cost of modernizing encourages organizations to keep them in-house. We just believe, at least at the enterprise level, that MSPs really need to navigate the hybrid architecture and hybrid environment,””

– Brendan Walsh, SVP at 1901 Group

“It’s safe to say enterprise cloud storage is growing faster than enterprise on-premises storage, given exponential data growth, an increasing push to locate data closer to the edge, and AWS’ status as one of the largest storage providers in the world.”

– Brendan Walsh, SVP at 1901 Group

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