March 23, 2022
Article Published by John Moore, Senior Feature Writer at Tech Target SearchITChannel

Cloud Data Platforms Spark Partners’ Consulting Business

Enterprises that plan to build data products, such as dashboards and AI-driven predictive models, must first assemble the essential infrastructure for managing relevant data.

Migrating to cloud data platforms requires a combination of technology, tools, processes, and people. One of the biggest customer challenges is “speed to outcome”.  Industry experts provide commentary on the opportunities to help customers navigate emerging data management platforms and the associated tools.

John Moore, senior feature writer at Tech Target – SearchITChannel, speaks with our very own Aruna Mathuranayagam, VP and Operating Unit CTO at Leidos along with several other industry experts on migrating to cloud data platforms.

“Mature organizations deploy data lakes and enterprise data warehouses. Customers also tap the major cloud providers and their associated marketplaces, which provide numerous analytics and ML services. Homegrown and open-source tools are also part of the landscape. It’s a mixture of tools you find.”   Aruna Mathuranayagam.

Because organizations are migrating from on-premises data management systems to cloud data platforms, customers seek to replace aging in-house systems and reduce the burden of infrastructure management with options that include platforms from specialized SaaS vendors. There is a range of data platforms and tools customers can use to support analytics and artificial intelligence. The variety of offerings supporting analytics, artificial intelligence and machine learning seems likely to keep service providers in demand — and on their toes.

Full article at Tech Target – SearchITChannel


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