July 27, 2020
Interview Published by WashingtonExec, Adam Stone, Author at WashingtonExec

Tomorrow’s Workforce Relies on GovCons Taking Proactive Role in Talent Management

Building the “Workforce of the Future 4.0” – Managed Services, Migration to Cloud, Geographic Rotation, Workforce Development

Digital TransformationIn recent years, government has developed a hunger for modernized technologies — cloud, artificial intelligence, IT as-a-service. But federal agencies and government contracting companies struggle to meet the staffing demands surrounding these upgraded offerings.

To discuss how to meet the emerging need, George Batsakis, EVP and Chief Strategy Officer at 1901 Group shares with Adam Stone the vision of Workforce of the Future 4.0. It rests on two basic ideas: Get outside the Beltway to find fresh talent, and cross-train people to work on a broad range of IT implementations.

Batsakis also shares his insight on how the managed service model is built to support government’s IT priorities with modernization, supported by a workforce.

Read the interview with WashingtonExec here.

“A platform that can deliver from one to many customers is more efficient for customers, and it’s also completely feasible with today’s technology. Agencies are supported by a workforce that can plug in and cross-fertilize across those functions and can grow as the platform grows. As we add more automation in the platform, we’re freeing up more labor to do more design and engineering work.”

“Having an academic institution, a university, is a good part of it. It’s also about having a community where they’re hungry for a good-quality economic boost in jobs. There are a lot of counties and towns out there that have a meaningful reason to want to participate and contribute to the re-skilling of their workforce, to drive better economic results in their area.”

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Sonu Singh

Sonu is the founder of 1901 Group and corporate leader responsible for our strategic vision, innovative business model, and financial performance.

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George Batsakis
EVP and Chief Strategy Officer

George leads the company’s overall corporate development and strategy planning process and provides expertise in executive management, operations, new business development, emerging technology and technology partnership.

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Paul Wilkinson
Chief Growth Officer

Paul Wilkinson is responsible for managing the company’s growth, leading business development, capture management, marketing, and communications. Paul provides leadership for the development of new markets and managed service offerings.

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James Christopher
EVP, Operations and Engineering

James brings over 25 years of industry experience to 1901 with a focus on delivering Information Technology business solutions and managed services.

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Dana Pittman
SVP, Talent Strategy & Human Resources

Dana is the leader of our Human Capital Management function for providing organizational growth, performance, and profitability.

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Brendan Walsh
SVP, Partner Relations

Brendan leads our partner relations and management efforts and supports business development activities in addition to establishing strategic business alliances with leading cloud service providers and security solutions.

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Brian Lubin
SVP, Service Management

Brian leads the development and management of our service offerings and brings great value in aligning our growth and delivery activities while ensuring profitability.

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