September 25, 2020
Interview Published by TechTarget — SearchITChannel, John Moore, Senior Site Editor

Gartner Forecasts RPA Software Growth, $1.58B Market – 1901 Group, Accenture, Cameyo, 2nd Watch

RPA software adoption is on the rise, driven by companies seeking rapid transformation during the COVID-19 pandemic

Gartner ForecastsRobotic process software automation software is among the top opportunities for channel partners during the pandemic and will see double-digit growth in 2020, with the worldwide market forecast to hit $1.58 billion.

Research from Gartner published this week points to RPA as a strong business in the COVID-19 economy. The market research firm predicts RPA software revenue to grow 11.9% in 2020 over 2019. Gartner also anticipates businesses to intensify their RPA usage over the next few years. Gartner forecasts that 90% of large organizations will adopt RPA in some form by 2022. Those organizations will expand their purchasing of RPA software licenses, tripling their RPA portfolio capacity through 2024.

John Moore, Senior Site Editor at Tech Target – SearchITChannel, interviews James Christopher, EVP of Operations and Engineering at 1901 Group, as well as other executives from Accenture, Cameyo, and 2nd Watch, to share how they are using RPA to help customers automate tasks, better understand cloud utilization, and harness the power of AIOps.

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“1901 Group uses RPA to automate tasks such as reporting on cloud consumption. Such reporting helps customers better understand cloud service subscription and utilization, so they can right size their IaaS capacity. This year, we are expanding the level of automation within our managed services platform, which we use to automate the monitoring, management, and optimization of IT environments. That effort includes harnessing the power of AIOps.” – James Christopher, EVP of Operations and Engineering at 1901 Group

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