January 07, 2020
Interview Published by ClearanceJobs, Peter Suciu

2020 Cleared Jobs Outlook: What Goes Away, What Stays?

“There is no doubt that technology and automation is changing our global work environment, but this change brings opportunity to create new jobs and increase productivity,” Brendan Walsh, senior vice president of partner relations at the 1901 Group, told ClearanceJobs. “We see this manifesting itself with more government jobs moving closer to and focused on the citizens’ experience and more contractor jobs shifting away from labor-based contracts to being part of consumption-based services like cloud.”

Focus on Technology
The role of technology is what could evolve, even at the highest levels. In 2017 the White House Office of Science and Technology Policy had been reduced from more than 100 under President Barack Obama to just 35 under President Donald Trump.

“2020 could prove to be more pivotal collectivity as there is the digital transition of government,” Stan Soloway, president & CEO of Celero Strategies told ClearanceJobs.


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Sonu Singh

Sonu is the founder of 1901 Group and corporate leader responsible for our strategic vision, innovative business model, and financial performance.

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Paul Wilkinson
EVP, Corporate Strategy and BD

Paul leads Business Development, Capture Management, Marketing, and Channel Partners. Paul provides leadership for 1901 Group’s growth initiatives by supporting the development of new markets and services.

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James Christopher
EVP, Operations and Engineering

James brings over 25 years of industry experience to 1901 with a focus on delivering Information Technology business solutions and managed services.

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Dana Pittman
SVP, Talent Strategy & Human Resources

Dana is the leader of our Human Capital Management function for providing organizational growth, performance, and profitability.

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Brendan Walsh
SVP, Partner Relations

Brendan leads our partner relations and management efforts and supports business development activities in addition to establishing strategic business alliances with leading cloud service providers and security solutions.

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