January 27, 2022
Article Published by John Moore, Senior Feature Writer at Tech Target SearchITChannel

2022 Cybersecurity Outlook: Experts Discuss 5 Emerging Trends

State and Local Government Technology Revs Digital Services; 2022 Government Trends to Watch What’s in store for IT security? Consultants and MSPs point to zero trust, quantum security, and a more targeted approach to education as among the key developments.

According to Gartner’s annual CIO survey, cyber and information security emerged as the top of planned IT investments for 2022. The market researcher polled 2,387 CIOs globally and found 66% anticipated boosting security investments this year.

John Moore, senior feature writer at Tech Target – SearchITChannel, speaks with executive leader, James Christopher, 1901 Group a Leidos company, along with several IT services companies on the predicted developments in areas such as zero trust, user education, and security operations centers (SOCs).

“Zero trust will continue to be a significant focus for organizations looking to rethink traditional network security implementations, where devices within the corporate perimeter were trusted by default in the past,”James Christopher, EVP Operations and Engineering at 1901 Group

The demand for cybersecurity services continues unabated amid an increasingly complex threat environment. COVID-19 sparked a work-from-home movement and dramatically expanded the attack surface businesses need to protect. The evaporation of traditional organization boundaries will make zero-trust security approaches and associated technology a key cybersecurity 2022 trend.

In addition, 2022 could be that year that more organizations begin preparing for the security implications of quantum computing. Cyber experts suggest threat actors will eventually harness quantum technology to break public-key cryptography algorithms

“Organizations are doubling down on cyber policy, education, and training to reduce the risk associated with cyber-attacks to include ransomware,” Christopher said.

Other data reinforce the primacy of protecting IT assets. Strengthening cybersecurity was the most-cited business initiative influencing technology spending in an Enterprise Strategy Group (ESG) poll of 706 senior IT professionals.

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