September 12, 2018

Cloud Migration Strategies, Roadblocks, and Successful Solutions

Shifting from private to public cloud is the big growth driver. Customers are hard-pressed to figure out how to do transformation or start that cloud journey. What’s behind a successful approach to cloud? That’s one of the questions 1901 Group LLC executives Paul Wilkinson and Sonu Singh tackled in a recent interview with WashingtonExec. The duo also addressed advantages and roadblocks of cloud computing, favorite technologies and the presence of Hokie nation in federal IT. Click for full article.

“For us, it’s about getting mission workloads to the cloud to really improve application performance, security and eventually functionality,” said Wilkinson speaking from experience on the benefits of cloud. “There is clearly a lot of fear, uncertainty and doubt around security, compliance, scalability and costs. But what we’re seeing with our customers — who are making it more than a buzzword — is they’re migrating mission-critical workloads to the cloud, not simply doing development, test, proof of concepts — and they’re realizing actual benefits.”

“With the cloud, what we’re seeing now is a wholesale shift where no longer are your servers, your networks, your storage and your applications sitting in your data center; they are spread among multiple cloud service providers and/or in a private cloud, so the environment is far more distributed, and the model and culture needs to change to support this kind of shift.”

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