Feb 01, 2021

COVID-19: Training and Retaining an Adaptable IT Workforce to Prepare for the “New Normal” Challenges

Now entering into the second year, the impact of the COVID-19, business leaders are making essential decisions about how to mitigate the risk and keep everyone safe. This transition has created a drastic change on how companies operate today to serve customers and the type of workforce needed to combat this new norm.

In light, this crisis has acted as a forcing function for IT modernization and requires IT companies and agencies alike to build a remote and adaptable workforce that supports mission systems 24×7 from any location. While meeting face-to-face has now become a risk due to the COVID-19, how can IT companies find talent for the growing and emerging technologies that is needed today to protect and serve our customers?

1901 Group thought leaders share their insights on how to prepare a workforce for operational resilience and how this pandemic will affect strategies for hiring and retaining top talent for today, and the future.

Sheri Neely, VP Operational Performance  
Our primary customer base was already quite comfortable working with 1901 Group remotely, as that is at the heart of our business model. We have a workforce that knows how to provide stellar customer service through multiple communication channels, and all of our employees have the necessary training and experience to adapt to changing technical environments. We have a robust and mature infrastructure that allows all of our customer interaction to occur across secure channels. As customer needs surge, we are able to start new employees in any location, with comprehensive onboarding training and a new employee “buddy system” that we call our Ambassador Program. This helps new employees acclimate to their new roles and establish personal connections with other employees.


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