March 17, 2020

COVID-19 A Letter to our Customers and Partners
Navigating the safety of our employees, partners, customers, and communities at the highest level

As the COVID-19 outbreak continues to unfold on a global level, 1901 Group places the safety of our employees, partners, customers and communities at the highest level.  As such, we have implemented measures that support federal, state and local guidelines for the pandemic to limit the spread of the virus.

  • Our employees have been instructed to contact medical professionals and follow their instructions, should they have symptoms of COVID-19, including but not limited to fever, cough, and / or shortness of breath.
  • Our employees have been instructed to provide the results of COVID-19 medical testing to their manager and to 1901 Group Human Resources (HR).
  • Employees having symptoms and / or positive COVID-19 test results are to self-quarantine / be quarantined, as prescribed by their medical professionals and the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC).
  • Our employees have been informed regarding the Commonwealth of Virginia prohibition on attending gatherings of > 100 individuals; the CDC guidance on not attending gatherings of > 50 individuals; and guidance from the White House and Virginia Governor Northam to avoid groups > 10; maintaining six feet of personal space; proper handwashing and wellness hygiene; and, corporate resources for healthcare, wellness and insurance.
  • Our employees have been instructed on current travel restrictions and related mandatory quarantines and guidance as aligned with the CDC and the World Health Organization (WHO). Work travel has been restricted by 1901 Group and requires managerial and HR approval.

As of March 16, 2020, 1901 Group implemented a remote telework policy for our entire staff.  In addition, we have aligned our operating model with policies and procedures established by our customers and partners as mission support activities adapt to the dynamic COVID-19 crisis.  As an established provider of fully remote information technology (IT) managed services, 1901 Group is functioning and will continue to function at 100% operational capability, capacity and efficiency.

1901 Group employees have been provided direction regarding our telework policy, and have access to resources that ensure proper communication, connectivity and productivity, as well as their general safety and wellness.  1901 Group employees who provide support on-site at customer and partner locations have been advised to follow guidance from their managers to ensure compliance with customer/partner policies and effective operational support.  1901 Group employees that provide support from our centralized Enterprise IT Operations Center (EITOC) facilities have all been assigned to telework status.  All 1901 Group EITOC employees possess the necessary tools, connectivity and capability to fully perform their duties via a secure telework status.  1901 Group’s FedRAMP authorized support infrastructure has been designed, established, tested and externally validated to ensure that we support our customers in a highly secure and fully effective manner, regardless of the location of our support staff.  To accentuate this point, we have seen spikes in remote support requirements as our customers enact their own telework policies, yet our teams continue to provide seamless, effective and efficient support despite the unfolding national crisis.

1901 Group is purpose-built to provide effective and secure remote support to our customers, and our delivery model insulates us from factors that would otherwise inhibit the ability to provide proper support in times of crisis.  Our corporate infrastructure and operational capability are fault-tolerant and secure, our service support model is elastic, resilient and scalable, and our employees are trained, focused and attentive.  We are closely monitoring the daily status of COVID-19 and remain focused on supporting our employees, customers and partners throughout the crisis, as well as lending support to our local communities.


James E. Christopher
Executive Vice President, Engineering and Operations
1901 Group, LLC


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