The Workforce of the Future
Rural Communities Are the Next Hot Spot for Tech Talent

Today’s remote-work era, coupled with cloud computing and Internet of Things (IoT) is changing the way the world works and where the work comes from. This new wave has created new opportunities for public officials, communities, educators, and employers alike – to find ways to partner together, integrate emerging technologies, and build skilled teams for a better future and economy.

Building Tech Skills and Jobs in America’s Rural Communities: Possible Dream?

Rural regions are changing the game for the next workforce of the future. No longer do you need to look in big cities to find top tech talent – you can find talent in rural locations, next to a wide range of colleges and universities, and from both traditional IT tracks like Electrical Engineering and Computer Information Systems, and non-traditional candidates from all walks of life, who are willing to be trained and certified.

In a featured Q&A, Brendan Walsh, SVP of 1901 Group shares his view with Laura Dawson, Director of AWS Institute about opportunities to build cloud technology skills and employment in rural communities in the United States. Brendan highlights several calls-to-action for public officials, educators, employers, and individuals interested in IT careers. The Q&A discusses concerns to be considered, as well as, dispelling myths about barriers to creating IT jobs in rural America. Concerns include reliable rural internet connectivity and myths include rural communities lack technical aptitude.

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Building Cloud Skills and Jobs in Rural America

According to the McKinsey Global Institute, by 2030 most of the United States’ economic and employment growth will be generated by 30% of the population, living, and working in 25 mega regions.

At the same time, in the high-growth tech sectors, employers cannot find enough skilled urban employees to fill available jobs.

Paradoxically, nearly 25% of Americans live in rural areas where jobs are disappearing in industries such as manufacturing and agriculture. Is migration from rural areas to mega-cities the only solutions? Do rural workers have the skills needed to transition to tech sector jobs?

In this AWS Institute Virtual Video Panel, Laura Dawson, Director at AWS Institute hosts the discussion with industry experts, Brendan Walsh, SVP of 1901 Group and Tejas Vashi, Global Leader of AWS re/Start, about how to build cloud-technology skills and employment in America’s rural communities.

The panel also share what educators, employers, and public officials can do next to address the growing and expanding skills gap.

Watch the panel discussion here.

What is your role in creating the 21st century workforce and economy?

If creating technology jobs in rural America, addressing the IT talent deficit through skilling and reskilling, and/or advancing your career in IT, cloud, and cyber is of interest to you, then explore more.

There are a wide-range of programs and organizations that are committed to bringing training to rural communities to address these timely and timeless much-needed efforts. Bringing economic justice and creating a more resilient workforce are key to creating a stable world of work with a lasting impact.

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