July 13, 2020
Innovation Delivered – 1901 Group Podcast Series

Episode 2: Growing the Tech Workforce During COVID-19

Virginia and its workers face an unprecedented employment crisis. Unemployment claims are reaching over 800,000 caused by the impacts of COVID-19.

Meanwhile, many occupations, particularly in fields such as computer and cyber, healthcare, and manufacturing/skilled trades, persistently face challenges finding talent. These occupations are expected to remain in demand over the coming years, providing opportunities for employment across Virginia.

To answer the call, 1901 Group proudly unites in this much-needed effort to bring economic justice and to create a more resilient workforce through its partnership with VA Ready, a public charity focused on retraining Virginia’s unemployed for in-demand occupations in high-growth sectors. 1901 Group spreads across diverse parts of Virginia and has expanded its corporate footprint to a third region of the Commonwealth creating new jobs in Abingdon, VA with its new Operation Center. The company continues its commitments with higher education institutions like Virginia Tech, Radford, and local community colleges investing in growing tech talent to address the deficit of cloud engineering and cyber talent in the public sector.

In this episode of Innovation Delivered, you’ll discover partnership initiatives that help workers upskill and how to train and retrain our workforce. You’ll hear from Dana Pittman, SVP of Talent Strategy & Human Resources and Sheri Neely, VP of Operational Performance on the impacts of COVID-19 on employees and recruitment strategies.

Stream the full episode below, or click here to listen.



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