April 29, 2020
Innovation Delivered – 1901 Group Podcast Series

Episode 1: Cloud Evolution Pandemic – A Federal Perspective

Powerful Industry Partnerships with VA Ready, SWVA Leaders, and Universities Strengthen Virginia’s Economy and Build Career Pathways

As the current pandemic validates our business model, and the pace of cloud adoption increases, we see immediate potential opportunities on the modernization front. The crisis highlights the need for public sector customers to make an even more accelerated migration to the cloud, and adoption of outcome-based, managed services.

Officials are urging the government and private industry to work together on new technological infrastructure to support future jobs and underpin a solid economic recovery from this pandemic. And, IT infrastructure job growth is a key way to rebuild the economy.

Our executives shed light on the lessons learned during this crisis and provide a more in-depth conversation on how 1901 Group has the leading model to make the White House intent a reality for GovCon.

Sonu Singh, CEO; Paul Wilkinson, EVP; James Christopher, EVP; Brendan Walsh, SVP; and George Batsakis, EVP all share their views in a full episode as well as powerful statements in the highlighted snippets.

Stream the full episode below, or click here to listen.



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