September 18, 2019

Digital-First Approach Brings Innovation and Automation to Organizations

For most organizations, digital transformation has gone from a leading-edge ambition to a business imperative. According to IDG, 89% of organizations have adopted or have a plan to adopt a digital-first strategy with the expectation to improve process efficiency through automation, create a better customer experience, and improve employee productivity.

As organizations look for new ways to bring more innovation to the workforce and develop new methods for collecting insights, they must be digital-ready to enhance the way they engage with citizens. The Smithsonian’s new five-year strategic plan, “Smithsonian 2022: Greater Reach, Greater Relevance, Profound Impact” , sets an ambitious goal of reaching one billion citizens a year with a digital-first strategy and aims to create new digital platforms for scholars, educators, and the general public to better access Smithsonian collections, research, and education resources to increase the diffusion of knowledge in the 21ˢᵗ century.

Creating a digital-first strategy for technology adoption can be complex. Adding digital-first technologies, public and private cloud will play a central role. Collaboration between organizations and IT companies can help propel this digitalization effort by leveraging cloud, artificial intelligence, performance monitoring, and automation to name a few.

“Digital transformation requires a well-defined vison and strategy to measure and drive positive change based on Museums objectives.  Such a strategy must address areas such as governance, change management, cloud, IT technology and skillsets, data management, data security and protection, and workforce transformation. Cloud migration is imperative for cultural institutions to enable innovation to improve the customer experience and expand engagement with digitized collections.”


– John Feid, Senior Business Development Executive.

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John Feid
Senior Business Development Executive

Expert in providing innovative cloud computing solutions supporting government customers in redefining their businesses to deliver improved citizen services.

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